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In my practice I offer a sliding scale pricing that ranges from 80€ to 150€ per hour of treatment.

You decide yourself what your economic situation allows or enables you to pay.  Recommended payment lies at 120€ per hour of treatment.

A first time consultation, including treatment, is usually the duration of 1,5 hours. Follow-up treatments typically last 1 hour. In mutual agreement treatment sessions can be extended to 1,5 or 2 hours if needed.

Sliding scale makes it possible to offer treatment to people from all corners of society regardless of income and social standing.

The sliding scale minimum mirrors the extent to which treatment is still profitable for the practitioner. If the minimum of the sliding scale still exceeds your financial capabilities, contact me directly.

Acupuncture + Cupping sliding scale

80€ - 150€/hour

Tui Na + therapeutic massage sliding scale

80€ - 150€/hour

Leibarbeit sliding scale

80€ - 150€/hour

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